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jumping on the bandwagon with all the cool kids, I see.
righteous, baby. real hip.
I've had it friends only for a while. I've just decided I needed to revamp and stuff...because I didn't feel like doing APUSH. APUSH is a bitch.
Moo? :)
Yes, moo. : )
ooooooo, pretty banner!
Oh that reminds me. ::kicks self:: I have yet to make you a sig. You picked my craziest week to ask. But I should have time this weekend, so never fear! You shall have your gothic sig!
When did you change your format? Just today? I really like it - very pretty, ethereal. You do know that "silence" is spelled wrong in your icon, right? And you misquote the lyrics - you'd better look it up. Anyway, I dropped Russian History and I'm feeling a bit better. I can't wait to come home though. If there's anything particularly fun or illegal that you'd like to do, just let me know.
This is so beautiful! Beth your great at this.

Aww thanks so much!
Hi! I read your comment on my post for Hogwarts elite. *grin* So you like angsty, huh? Good. I am not sure if you like HP slash or M-preg stories, but if you do.... I know some ANGSTY HP fics (some of them M-preg). Though I think we will not end up in the same house, I bet we will meet somewhere soon. Huuugs!
Haha! Yeah, you're definitely going on my Friends List! And you don't have to be in the same house to be friends, so I'll probably see you around! ::hug::
Friends sounds good to me. If you like you could have a look at my friend cassandras LJ. I am her beta and her stories are great. her username is ca_pierson. They are still WIP but they are very good. I am currently working on an ANGSTY HP M-preg story myself. It is on my LJ, though it is still WIP, too. The title is "Hangover and other secondary effects". I hope you don't mind that I added you as a buddy at AIM. Hope to talk to you soon. Huuuuugs!
Why haven't you added me yet? *sniff* I feel so unloved!!!
No! I swear I love you, dear Sarah of the Sexy Hat Icon! And you shall be added right now before I forget again! Hooray!
thou shouldst add me not simply because thou knowest who i am, but also for the sake of thine eternal soul, and protection from repealment. and because we both ended our comments with the word "whatever" as the second-to-the-last sentence. never mind, that's not a good reason, because that actually kinda scared me. ok the end.
~ Katie
bwhahaha! yishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I don't think I used enough h's. And thus, you get more: hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Whatever. I need more sugar.
sure i'll use this journal if you tell me how and stuff. Like the override codes or whatever you were talking about...Because I want it to look pretty or whatever. So yeah, get back to me on that and I'll update like a mofo.
Oh my God, are you actually using LiveJournal!?

For overrides and stuff like that, go here: and click on the overrides button at the top. Because they explain overrides far better than I can.
Hello dude! I'm already on your list but under a different username which I don't want to mention just incase but add me back? You'll know who I am as soon as you read my journal :) ttyl x
muahaha BETH XD (tis Rae)
fwah! Rae! hooray, I shall add you!
Oookay I've already harassed your LJ once [sorry] but I'm deleting my old account soon [chilimoocorner] and um, yes...So yep, that's it. Of course, I really don't mind if you'd rather I pissed off...I mean it, just say :)

Oh my gosh! I completely forgot to add you again! I saw your first message and figured I'd deal with it later, but then I just forgot to add you again! Eep, I'm sorry! I still <3 you.