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Friends Only- Because I'm just too cool

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That's the sexy Sirus drawing! Yay!
I luuuuuuuurve shoebox project.
::pees on your doorstep::
Thank you for that lovely gesture Amy.
Do you mind If I add you? You seem like a really cool, nice person and you like Harry Potter. I love your banner.
Of course you can add me! Harry Potter fans are always welcome on my friends list! You seem really nice too!
sirius... *drools then cries* why J.K., why did he die??? made by merrivere... how did alysa make you that? because I showed her the picture!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ok, i'm done!
Ahah! Mooching off friends is great! And sirius is by far the sexiest person in that book. And I've decided that on the picture, I am so the girl in the background staring at him and drooling. Because that is how I would spend my time at hogwarts.
AH! I have to talk to you. I/M me on LiveFr0mNewYork. I need to tell you something in private. What I am about to tell you cannot be repeated to anyone, anywhere. Just I/M me when you have time in secret. --007 music plays--

--007 music stops playing--

Erm...alright. My screens names IWintersRavenI, just so you don't freak out when a random person IMs you.

And of course I'll add you!
Hi there, add me? I'm from hogwarts_elite, by the way... :)
Sure thing!
Hi idunna, more or less got here via lotr_addict and got curious... added you, add me back?
*hush puppy eyes*

Oh, and the shoebox_project rocks So. Much.
Hehe, of course I'll add you!

It's your prefect from Gryffindor!!!!

We have a new system to make sure everyone is voting! We need everyone to vote on every application.

chekc out lions_heart and my sorting log. IT HAS a list of every application this week you've voted on and haven't voted on, as well as all the other gryffindors. Just go to the applications and vote, it's simple!


I is adding you! You seem to rock dude...I is loving the confettiness too ! Although I'm more of a throwing harder objects kinda person myself ^_^
I is adding you back! Oh yes, hard objects are fun to throw too! Especially at unsuspecting people!
add me? teehee... im from H_E, btw. :)